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New Servers

Great news: In July 2015, all of our websites were moved to a brand new 2015 server.
– 75,000% Faster Data Storage
– 10,000% More Reliable Data Storage
(No, those are not typos. The new server boasts uber-expensive Data Center Edition Solid State Drives. This breakthrough storage technology is 750 times faster and 100 times more reliable than historic mechanical spinning disks.) The server also sports…
… 600% more processors
… 427% faster processors
… 1,600% more memory
… 319% faster memory
… dual-core hardware RAID
… 100% network reliability (via redundant network interfaces connected to separate access switches)
… 100% power reliability (via redundant power supplies connected to separate UPS/Diesel backup power systems)
… and significantly greater energy efficiencies. All of this means your website visitors will enjoy consistently amazing website performance.

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